Thời trang cho nàng béo, mập❤️ | KiKai CN

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0:12 我願意平凡的陪在你身旁 (Em bằng lòng làm một người bình thường ở bên cạnh anh)
0:56 我要变好看 (Em muốn trở nên xinh đẹp)
1:22 我願意平凡的陪在你身旁 (Em bằng lòng làm một người bình thường ở bên cạnh anh)
1:40 霍元甲 (Hoắc Nguyên Giáp)
1:49 Lolita
2:01 ハレハレヤ (Harehare ya)
2:32 Pump It Up (Cục Sì Lầu Ông Bê Lắp)
3:30 Lutra
3:41 青花瓷 (Sứ Thanh Hoa)
3:52 心如止水 (Tâm lặng như nước)

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31 thoughts on “Thời trang cho nàng béo, mập❤️ | KiKai CN

  1. Ok. But why is it fat girl fashion when they’re not fat…this is why people are all over the place with confidence.

  2. 65kg is not fat sweetie unless you're less than 4' 11" which I doubt.
    Conclusion: If you're bloated, wear a dress.

  3. It's insane how you have actual chubby girls and the you have the skinny chick whith a bloated belly like 🐥"Yes f a t so en b a r r a s I n g"

  4. man I always thought I was skinny/average but apparently to these people I'm fat…🙂👌🏻 (I'm 170cm, 61kg and wear an italian S/M)

  5. А чё это у них за прикольные кроссовки с открытой пяткой?

  6. девАчки короче любите себе такими какие вы есть.Вы же прекрасны♥️☀️

  7. Theres comments saying how the girls calling themselves fat have the weight of average american womans but I think their fat is honestly disturbuted differently if you get what I mean, like it seems as tho some of the girls in the video have the fat centerated at their stomach area while in america id say theyre more curvyy by gene and the fat is more evenly disturbuted but just an opinion I guess. Also the average weight in china in 125lbs and about 5’2 in height, they also praise woman being very skinny and slim

  8. Im so confused lol how do some of these girls have like super small faces and skinny arms and legs but a bigger stomach like the fat ONLY goes in the stomachh like howww

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