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We’re indulging in a little palace intrigue on this episode of Game the Game. Becca is joined by Josephine McAdam, B. Dave Walters, Alexander Ward and Ash Minnick to play Coup from Indie Boards & Cards. In the future, the government is run by corrupt monarchical CEO’s, and it’s up to our players to topple the regime and gain power. Each player must plot and scheme to oust the ruling class, and also eliminate their fellow would-be usurpers. Only one player can ascend to power. Will you survive the Coup?

This game is made in partnership with Indie Boards & Cards. Learn more here:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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37 thoughts on “Coup | Game the Game

  1. I got the chills from the awesome guest stars. And accents good and bad. Not many people realize that unsuccessfully bluffed assassinations refund you back 3 coins. Contessa-blocked assassinations go on as usual and don't refund.

  2. This game is fun on the surface but it has a fair amount of depth as well. The more you play you begin think up strategies or traps to try and make people call a bluff that isn't there. Highly highly highly recommended.

  3. You can only block the Captain's stealing with your own captain if he's stealing from you though, not from someone else.
    Also when your assassination attempt is blocked, you get to keep your money.

  4. Wait a sec: Didn't we have a video with you playing Coup before Becca? O.=.o
    I remember someone having the Duke lots of times and elliminating 2 people because of it. xD lol

  5. So let me get this straight as per LA by Night's tweet regarding Gehenna…

    It's the Vampire apocalypse. The Tzimisce are presumably EVERYWHERE. Jabzy Boi being a Nosferatu is the only one who is immune to vicissitude, and the only other survivor's are his closest Venture confident, his closest Ventrue confident's arch nemesis, his current girlfriend and 'ex' ghoulfriend…

    (inhales deep cigar smoke)…as Lord Carl would say "What could possibly go wrong???"

  6. Becca makes a mistake explaining the ambasador. She says that you can swap between the 2 drawn cards and the ambassador card but you can the ambassadors action is to draw 2 cards and then discard 2 back to the draw pile. Thus you can swap both of your cards or none or just one. Also that blonde chick is hot af

  7. I have this game and the thing we do is at the start of each game the first person screams I claim the Duke! After that everything gets chill and normal but omg I love this game

  8. That was great fun. Games are always better with friends.

    Also, now we know what happened to Forest Gump. He became Duke of Space.

  9. Wait, so this series is basically Tabletop with the learning part split to a separate episode and all without Will Wheaton?

  10. I really like the fact that the last three contestants of the first game are Ventrues (or a Ventrue ghoul) in Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night. So fitting ^^
    Great video, by the way ^^

  11. 3 BEST things: Jim is a savage at this game, BDave undisputed duke of Space, and Becca's flawless Russian accent!

  12. Great, first Trump pisses everyone off at G7, then all of these horrible accents, makes the world even angrier! Thanks a lot guys!

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